Pricing Strategy & Optimization Toolkit

68 PowerPoint Slides | 13 Excel Sheets

★★★★★ 5.0 (4) 

Templates, tools, frameworks, and storylines to build a pricing strategy, forecast demand, calculate unit economics, determine optimal price, and run pricing tests.

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What's in this toolkit?

  • A detailed end-to-end presentation and storyline to develop a value proposition and go-to-market 
  • 68 consulting-quality slides and templates that you can use in your deliverables
  • 13 Excel sheets, models and calculators to simplify analysis, modelling, and forecasting
  • 11 of the most powerful frameworks and tools used by consultants in their own projects
  • Lots of real-world insights and supporting data to support your arguments

Don’t build pricing strategies and optimize pricing from scratch, this toolkit will help you:

  • Justify the importance of pricing as a lever to drive increases in profit
  • Identify obstacles to effectively managing pricing
  • Understand pricing maturity levels and which applies to your organization
  • Set pricing objectives based on the product lifecycle and market dynamics
  • Evaluate 17 different pricing models that are commonly used by organizations
  • Estimate demand for your product through historical sales, product "comps", and research
  • Run sensitivity analysis to estimate how demand changes as a function of price
  • Determine total unit cost including both fixed and variable costs
  • Calculate optimal price to maximize gross profit, revenue or sales
  • Monitor indicators of repricing potential, including market, product and competition indicators
  • Run repricing experiments to refine pricing over time
  • Implement repricing using a structured and stages process
  • Bonus: Compared sales-led vs tech-led pricing, including dynamic pricing technologies

Consulting-quality slides for you to drag and drop...

...supported by powerful but easy-to-use Excel models

What frameworks are included?

  • 5-stage pricing strategy framework
  • Pricing maturity levels
  • Product lifecycle / maturity curve
  • Supply and demand curves
  • Pricing model tree (17 pricing models)
  • Price makers vs price takers
  • Unit cost driver tree
  • Competitor pricing maps
  • Customer value maps
  • Dynamic pricing matrix
  • Centralized vs decentralized pricing management

Pricing Strategy & Optimization Toolkit

★★★★★ 5.0 (4)  

Purchase Now ($89)

Everything you need to design a pricing strategy, and calculate and optimize pricing

  • 68 consulting-quality PowerPoint slides
  • 13 Excel sheets, models and calculators
  • 11 powerful frameworks and tools
  • Lots of real-world insights and supporting data

Industry research and data to support your presentations

  • Don't waste time conducting research and analysis to support your arguments
  • This toolkit comes with real-world data and insights that you can use in your presentations
  • Example: Analysis showing that pricing is the most effective way to drive changes in EBITDA

Excel models and calculators to use in your analysis

  • Don't create complex Excel models and calculators from scratch
  • This toolkit comes with pre-built Excel models and calculators to speed-up and simplify analysis
  • Example: A pricing calculator that optimizes price for any given level of demand.

Powerful frameworks used by top-tier consultants

  • Don't agonize over creating new frameworks, processes or mental models
  • This toolkit comes with powerful frameworks that are used by Fortune 500 companies and top consulting firms
  • Example: A 5-stage pricing strategy process used to determine and implement optimal prices

What are people saying?

This toolkit is amazing! Instead of spending 2 weeks creating a value proposition deck, we were able to get a draft finished in 3 days.

James P

I feel like I have the power of a McKinsey or BCG consulting team. This toolkit unlocks so much value for us.

Paula D

There are so many slides, templates, and frameworks here that the toolkit pays for itself many times over.

Tracy S

The toolkit is our consulting cheat code. Whenever we get stuck, we dive into the toolkit. Without question, there's always a useful slide or two.

Paul E

I bought this toolkit for personal use. The slides have been a great way to impress my managers and differentiate myself from my peers. 

Steven T

There are a lot of junk slide decks out there... but this isn't one of them.

John L

Pricing Strategy & Optimization Toolkit

★★★★★ 5.0 (4)  

Everything you need to design a pricing strategy, and calculate and optimize pricing

  • 68 consulting-quality PowerPoint slides
  • 13 Excel sheets, models and calculators
  • 11 powerful frameworks and tools
  • Lots of real-world insights and supporting data
Purchase Now ($89)

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