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Value Proposition & Go-To-Market Toolkit

Storylines, tools, frameworks, and templates to create a value proposition and go-to-market presentation, and implement a winning strategy for your own organization or client.

This toolkit includes frameworks, tools, templates, and examples so you can:

  • Identify the most attractive customer segments in your market 
  • Define personas for each of your customer segments based on geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics
  • Capture customer needs using desktop research, surveys, customer interviews, observational studies, and expert interviews
  • Ideate new product ideas based on customer needs using the SCAMPER Methodology and the New-Old Matrix
  • Prioritize product ideas and identify those with the highest likelihood of success using the DVF Framework
  • Deliver the product using the 6-stage product development process: discover, define, plan, deliver and adopt
  • Position the product uniquely in the market, using a 3-stage positioning methodology
  • Set pricing objectives based on the product lifecycle and market dynamics
  • Determine the optimal price by evaluating 17 different pricing models
  • Run pricing experiments to refine pricing over time
  • Design a distribution strategy based on the product, unit economics, and market (direct, indirect, hybrid)
  • Design a sales strategy that maximizes targets, leads, conversions, and retention
  • Optimize the sales funnel and identify areas of "leakage"
  • Measure sales performance using a balanced scorecard
  • Diagnose the maturity of your marketing function and where to improve
  • Run marketing experiments to improve marketing ROI over time